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Amar Chitra Katha

Best of Tinkle Digest(1980-2008): Pack of 10 + 1 M Access (Pre - Order)

Best of Tinkle Digest(1980-2008): Pack of 10 + 1 M Access (Pre - Order)

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Indulge in the whimsical world of Tinkle, where laughter and adventure await children. Whether your child is captivated by Suppandi's comic episodes, Shambu's hilarious adventures, or Tantri's clever schemes, the 'Best of Tinkle Digest' is an Indian comic book collection tailored for children.

Ultimate Indian Comic Collection for Kids: Nurture your child's creativity with this treasure trove of Indian comics, introducing kids to Suppandi, Shambu, Tantri, and many more exciting characters who define Tinkle comics. Each comic is a canvas for the creativity of children to flourish.

Suppandi's Hilarious Episodes: Join Suppandi in his comical misadventures that promise not just laughter but also contribute to increased reading habit. Suppandi's charm makes each tale a delightful reading experience, nurturing a love for reading in kids.

Shambu's Adventurous Journeys: Accompany Shambu on his exciting adventures, where every Shambu comic episode not only entertains but also encourages children to pick up the next comic, sparking curiosity and creative thinking in kids.

Tantri's Ingenious Plots: Witness Tantri's clever schemes that add intrigue to this Indian comics collection. As kids follow the plots of Tantri, they not only enjoy the suspense but also find themselves reading the next comic, fostering curiosity and problem-solving skills in children.

Perfect Addition to Your Kid's Library: Fuel the language skills and vocabulary of kids by adding this comics collection to your child's library. Tinkle's unique storytelling style not only enhances the linguistic abilities of children but also boots their reading habit as they get hooked on the exciting stories of Suppandi, Shambu, and Tantri.

The 'Best of Tinkle Digest' is not just a collection of Indian comics; it's a magical journey tailored for children/kids. Let your children delight in the timeless tales of Tinkle's iconic characters, fostering a love for reading in children. This Indian comic book collection of assorted Tinkle digests is a fantastic way to introduce the joy of Tinkle to the next generation, building a library that resonates with laughter and adventure.

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must buy

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