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Tales of Birbal and Other Stories + 1 M Access - (Mega Offer)

Tales of Birbal and Other Stories + 1 M Access - (Mega Offer)

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Born as Mahesh Das, revered as Birbal, he was one of the most important navaratnas (nine jewels) at the court of emperor Akbar. He was Akbar’s main advisor and commander of the Mughal army. The stories of Akbar and Birbal are focused on the wits of Birbal and his deep bonding with the emperor. The wittiest minister at the court of emperor Akbar, Birbal had a reputation for being kind and just too. His smart answers to unthinkable questions also helped Akbar escape sticky situations smoothly. Birbal had the knack to effortlessly charm a layman and a king. His wit and humour won him many friends but also got him rivals. In fair tribute to his shrewdness, even the mighty Shah of Persia addressed Birbal as the ‘Ocean of Intelligence’. Birbal proved himself to be the most reliable minister at court, time and again.

This Akbar Birbal collection by Amar Chitra Katha lets you enjoy the various facades of this clever minister, from genius to justice. Part detective, part psychologist, he never failed to nab a wrongdoer. His methods might have been unorthodox – he once summoned a tree as the key witness in a case – but he never failed to get the desired results. Akbar and Birbal stories were originally spread by the ministers and visitors at the royal court. Over the generations, these stories were penned down, narrated, and enacted too. The evergreen stories of Akbar and Birbal stories have proven to be some of the best moral stories for kids.

Tales of Raman of Tenali:

Sometimes referred to as the Birbal of the south, Tenali Ramakrishnan was a Telugu poet, thinker, and scholar. He was a special advisor in the court of Sri Krishnadevaraya. He humbled great kings as well as learned scholars. Wiggling out of every predicament in unique and unexpected ways, this poet-jester reminds us of Birbal at the court of Akbar. And just like Akbar and Birbal stories, the tales of Tenali help kids see situations from a different perspective and come up with interesting solutions.

Tales of Gopal the Jester:

The jester at the court of Raja Krishnachandra in Bengal, Gopal Bhar would never get exhausted of inventing wise answers to the most unusual questions thrown at him. In the most humorous way, he would point out the opponent’s weakness. Gopal, unlike Birbal and Tenali, was a true entertainer who sometimes also mocked people with his antics.

Akbar Birbal stories and other tales in this collection are the most fascinating short reads for adults and kids. This collection of tales highlighting the presence of mind, kindness and shrewdness of these smart characters guarantees a good laugh. At the same time, it divulges some useful tricks for overcoming sticky situations. One can never get enough of these amusing figures, even as their plain common sense leaves you gasping. They have been cherished for generations. Enjoy these moral stories with a dash of sarcasm and a sprinkle of humour. The characters illustrated in signature Amar Chitra Katha style and the easy-to-follow narrative make the stories even more fun to read. + 1 Month ACK JR Digital Access

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