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Amar Chitra Katha

Param Vir Chakra +1M Access

Param Vir Chakra +1M Access

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Dive into the valorous tales of 21 Indian heroes who exemplified the unwavering commitment to the sovereignty of India and the safety of their fellow citizens. 'Param Vir Chakra' pays tribute to these fearless individuals whose lives are a testament to bravery, courage, and sacrifice presented in this poignant Indian comics collection for kids.

Inspiring Bravery: Discover 21 stirring tales that speak of extraordinary courage, narrated with meticulous attention to detail for kids. Through these Indian comics, children cultivate a sense of patriotism, resilience, and courage, fostering a deep appreciation for the sacrifices made by these national heroes.

Highest Decoration of Valor: Explore the significance of the highest decoration of valor in wartime, awarded to people who displayed unparalleled courage and selfless devotion for the nation. Children learn about the Indian military honors and the values of bravery, and duty, instilling a sense of respect for the armed forces.

Historical Legacy: These Indian narratives document the indomitable spirit of the bravehearts who defended the nation's borders with unparalleled commitment. These Indian comics help kids develop a historical perspective, fostering an understanding of the sacrifices made by individuals in safeguarding the nation.

Role Models for Kids - Today and Tomorrow: The stories of these Indian bravehearts transcend time, offering role models whose virtues are timeless to kids. Their acts of valor serve as a guiding light for children, who gain insights into leadership and commitment, setting a benchmark for personal growth and moral development.

Illustrated Narratives for Kids: Bringing the heroic tales to life with visual richness in these Indian comics for kids. The engaging Indian comics stimulate visual learning, creativity, and imagination, making the stories more accessible and captivating for children.

Gift 'Param Vir Chakra' to your children, fostering a deep appreciation for the heroic deeds that have shaped India's history. These Indian comics serve as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made by these extraordinary personnel, inspiring a sense of pride and patriotism in children.

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