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Amar Chitra Katha

The Ultimate Collection - 200+ Titles + 1M Access

The Ultimate Collection - 200+ Titles + 1M Access

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Embark on an extraordinary literary journey and immerse yourself in 200+ captivating Indian tales including timeless epics like Mahabharata, Ramayana, and enchanting narratives of Akbar Birbal, Shiva, and Krishna. Going beyond comic books to a rich collection of engaging children's stories:

- Epic Adventures: Traverse the grandeur of Mahabharata, bring to life the epic tales of valor, morality, and justice, featuring the Pandavas, Kauravas, the divine Krishna, and the epic Battle of Kurukshetra.

- Mythological Marvels: Delve into the poetic beauty of the Ramayana, a cornerstone of Indian culture, resonating with themes of duty and compassion. Follow the adventures of Prince Rama, his loyal companion Hanuman, and the virtuous Sita.

- Historical Insights: Unravel the tales of legendary figures like Akbar, the Mughal emperor. Explore the historical city of Delhi, witness the valor of Rana Pratap, and discover the tales of the illustrious Raja Raja Chola.

- Inspirational Lives: Discover the profound stories of Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation, and Rani Abbakka, the valiant queen who stood against Portuguese colonizers. Explore the remarkable lives of Albert Einstein and the visionary industrialist JRD Tata.

- Evergreen Humorous Tales: Enjoy the witty adventures of Akbar’s minister in Birbal, where quick thinking and clever solutions triumph over challenges.

- Wisdom from the Upanishads: Delight in the enchanting stories of Shiva, and the charming episodes of Lord Krishna. Follow the adventures of Rama and witness the diverse tales from the Upanishads.

The Ultimate Collection is more than a box set; it’s a gateway to India's historical landmarks, mythological wonders, and a celebration of timeless characters. Whether you're a collector, a parent seeking enriching stories for your children, or someone eager to explore India's cultural tapestry, this collection is for you. Witness these timeless stories, gift them to your loved ones and spread the joy!

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The Ultimate Collection - 200+ Titles + 1 M Access