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Amar Chitra Katha

Tinkle Gold – 1 +1M Access

Tinkle Gold – 1 +1M Access

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Set out on a delightful journey down memory lane with 'Tinkle Gold - Collector's Edition,' a special celebration of Tinkle's four-decade legacy and its groundbreaking foray into the digital realm in 2020. Immerse yourself in this exciting Indian comics collection curated to celebrate Tinkle's 40-year history of creating children's comics where learning meets fun.

Timeless Laughter for Kids: Let your kids witness the timeless humor of Suppandi, where each misadventure becomes a source of laughter for children. Through Suppandi's classic tales, kids not only enjoy the humor but also develop an appreciation for the lighter side of life.

Unlock Tantri's Ingenious Schemes: Delve into the clever antics of Tantri the Mantri as he weaves intricate plots. This Indian comics collection encourages kids to appreciate wit and creativity while learning valuable lessons about the consequences of tricky plans.

Join Shambu on Adventures: Accompany Shambu on his adventures, where every mishap turns into an engaging story for kids. The thrill of Shambu's adventures not only entertains but also encourages children to pick up the next comics, nurturing a consistent reading routine.

Dive into YogYodhas' Edge-of-the-Seat Tales: Experience the YogYodhas' thrilling adventures, fostering a sense of bravery and teamwork in children. These Indian comics captivate and instill positive values, making them an engaging and enriching read for kids.

Relive the Best of 2020: Revisit the finest digital stories of 2020 in print, offering a curated comics collection that introduces kids to the most captivating Tinkle narratives. This feature allows children to explore various themes, characters, and storytelling styles, expanding their literary horizons.

Present 'Tinkle Gold - Collector's Edition #1' to your children and open the door to a world filled with laughter and valuable life lessons with these fun Indian comics. This carefully curated collector's edition goes beyond celebrating Tinkle's remarkable 40-year history; it serves as a gateway to an enjoyable reading experience for children. Let your kids relish the timeless charm of iconic Tinkle Toons and embark on a journey of learning and fun.

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