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Tinkle Gold – 2 +1M Access

Tinkle Gold – 2 +1M Access

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Step into the captivating world of Tinkle with 'Tinkle Gold - Collector's Edition #2'. In the monumental year 2020, Tinkle achieved the incredible feat of 40 glorious years, marked by a significant shift to the digital medium. The special collector's edition of Tinkle's 2020 digital comics invites kids to relive the most memorable challenges and triumphs of the Tinkle Toons.

Tantri's Magical Episodes: Witness Tantri resort to magic to outwit Raja Hooja. This provides children with a dose of humor and subtly teaches the importance of wit and resourcefulness, enhancing their cognitive and problem-solving skills in these Indian comics for kids.

Defective Detectives' Spy Gadgets: Join the Defective Detectives as they up their case-solving skills using spy gadgets in this exclusive Indian comics collection. This Indian comics edition fosters a sense of curiosity, critical thinking, and deductive reasoning in young minds, encouraging a love for problem-solving.

WingStar's Thrilling Adventures: Experience the nail-biting twists and turns in WingStar's life as a new threat emerges in this Indian comics special collection. These Indian comics not only instill a sense of courage and resilience in children but also spark their imagination.

YogYodhas' Edge-of-the-Seat Adventures: Ride along with the YogYodhas in their thrilling adventures. This collector's comics edition promotes teamwork, bravery, and exciting adventures for kids, contributing to the development of social skills and a vivid imagination in children.

Timeless Laughter with Tinkle Toons: Enjoy Suppandi's classic mishaps, alongside Shambu, Ina Mina Mynah Mo, the SuperWeirdos, and the NOIS kids in these Indian comics for kids. This Indian comics collection fosters a love for humor among children while developing emotional intelligence and creativity in kids.

This collector's edition aims to celebrate the rich history of Tinkle and provide a wholesome and enjoyable reading experience for children. Gift your kids the magic of Tinkle and witness them immerse themselves in a world of laughter, excitement, and invaluable life lessons.

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