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Amar Chitra Katha

Tinkle Holiday Special No. 51

Tinkle Holiday Special No. 51

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Get ready for a smorgasbord of fun, laughter and learning with Holiday Special 51! With 96 pages of freshly brewed content, you won’t be able to put this book down!


What’s inside?

· People getting light-headed and fainting? What’s happening in Merbudapilly? Find out what’s brewing along with Aisha, Suppandi, the Defective Detectives and WingStar in the Mega Toon Mash-up: ‘Rock’stars.

· Pluto and Chinky are left alone at home. But will they be on their best behaviour? That sounds like Mission Im-paw-sible!

· Ever wondered what A Day in the Life of Suppandi is like? Well, wonder no more!

· Oh, to be a famous movie star! But, it comes with its own downfalls and sometimes, unexpected adventures. Read Thrillers: Star Kid and be prepared to be thrilled!

· It’s Riti’s birthday! But a ‘hair-raising’ disaster strikes and her brother, Toto, is responsible for it. Will they manage to turn around the situation or will this birthday turn to a terrible day? Find out in Toto’s Hairstyle!

· Zarah goes hunting for a leprechaun but instead finds a Celtic warrior god! Travel alongside Zarah as she goes on an adventure like no other in ModernMythos: Cawing Glory!

· Janice, Jovita and Justin are going for a holiday to their great-aunt’s house in Wayanad, Kerala. But does this house hold sinister secrets? Is great-aunt a g-ghost?! Read Ghost Grauntie to know more!

· A royal conspiracy, a magical sword, and a chosen one who is on the run! Things are about to get exciting and dangerous in Once Upon a Time in Verdunia.

· Be transported to a magical land where Ray and Tua try to save a ‘baby lizard’ and go on a long journey in Wizards and Lizards.

· Raja Hooja, Tantri the Mantri, Shambu, Shanti and Shaurya are stuck in a jungle where they cross paths with the animals from Big Baan! Be ready to laugh your heads off because It’s Wild!



A variety of cool puzzles and factoids brought to you by the SuperWeirdos, Ina, Mina, Mynah, Mo, the NOISians and more! Also learn how to make the super fun Tinkle Toon edition of tic-tac-toe in Do-It-Yourself: Tinkle-Tac-Toe!

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